A business advisory firm with a difference.

At Cobalt, we believe anything can be made better with the right tools. With our foundation in growing international businesses, fortified with design thinking skills, technology expertise, and performance improvement advisors, we take you from being great, to being the best. We have over 600+ clients who agree.

What We Do

In today’s dynamic yet constrained business environment, your organization’s ability to grow sustainably often comes down to how well you understand your clientele, and how effectively you respond to their needs. At Cobalt, we know that it takes a team, armed with the right skills and techniques, to refine your niche and scale your solution. We are problem-solvers, design thinkers, software engineers, and business performance advisors who know that our expertise, understanding of the African context, and flexibility is a unique combination that has earned us over 300 clients – both large and small – in our first year alone. Our clients know that we are the trusted partner to call on when there’s a business challenge that requires that extra spark to solve effectively. How can we help you today?

Design Thinking

Design thinking is a methodology used by businesses to solve complex problems. It combines creativity and user stories to arrive at a solution that actually works. At The Cobalt Partners, once you have shared your problems with us, our design thinking experts use the design-based approach to present you with a solution that is perfectly tailored to your user’s needs. What are you waiting for? Call to speak to an expert now.

Software Engineering

We live in a digital world and the Cobalt team understands that fit-for-purpose technology solutions often requires custom building. Our team includes technologists who understanding the most advanced techniques to build software within time and within your budget. And because your digital needs do not stop at software, we go beyond that to provide your digital hosting, marketing, engagement, and communication services needs. Whether we are the technology provider or not, our primary aim is to ensure you can fully leverage the power of technology in your organization.

Business Consulting

Your organization’s tough challenges require a partner who will not only bring the domain expertise required to solve them, but be flexible in how they work with you. At The Cobalt Partners we have assisted our clients with challenges from organizational productivity, market entry, product development, business process reengineering, business transformation, and so much more. Why not contact us to check whether we can help solve your business challenge

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